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sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Origin of the legendary phrase "més que un club"

At Barça is associated worldwide with a legendary phrase: " més que un club "(more than a club). The legend was coined by the ex -president Narcís de Carreras, predecessor of Agustí Montal .
Narcís de Carreras i Guiteras (La Bisbal de l' Empordà , 1905-Barcelona, ​​1991) became president of FC Barcelona representing broad sectors Barça . On January 17, 1968 the delegates elected him president of the new entity. That day is the date of the origin of the legendary phrase. In the hall of the Labour Development delivered the inauguration as president of the club and his are the words: "I come with all the enthusiasm that you may ask because the club is more than just a football club , the Barça is more than a place of entertainment where on sundays we play a team, above all things is a deeply rooted spirit that we are colors that we believe above all". 

With the restoration of democracy and freedoms recovery, the historical meaning of the phrase has been losing political sense and has been globalized . The club is "més que un club" for your identity, sport and human. Increasingly undertaking solidarity projects our club, worried about the most disadvantaged sectors of anywhere in the world.

(literal translation of the article published on January 8, 2009)

Greetings. VISCA EL BARÇA!

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