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lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Origin of the form of the shield of the FC Barcelona

The shield of any sports institution identifies a club and is his maximum exponent. The FC Barcelona was founded in 1899 and and in a beginning he adopted the shield of the city, with small changes. Was added the laurel of the champions and a bat surrounded with two branches of laurel and palm.

In 1910 Joan Gamper wanted to re-throw to the club and to promote it with an own shield. To design his image it summoned a contest opened all the partners, turning out to be winning the project of a player of the Barça, Carles Comamala. Comamala played for FC Barcelona between 1903 and 1912, and combined the sport with his medical and drawing.

There is born the shield of the Barça, which with light own modifications of every epoch is known by half a world. It has form of pot, and supports in the fourth Superiors the cross of Saint George and four representative bars of Barcelona and Catalonia, respectively. In the center of the shield, in a band, the initials of the club appear, F.C.B., and in the low part the colors blue and seeding with a ball of football.

The current form of the shield answers to the adjustment done by the designer Claret Serrahima in the year 2002. It stylized the lines, suprimió the points that were separating the initials of the club, abridged the name and reduced the number of tops, everything to facilitate his reproduction in any format

(Literal translation of the article published on October 17, 2008)
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