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viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015

The national identity of Catalonia and the Barça

September 11 is the Diada Nacional of Catalonia.

The nations are defined by traditions and characteristics that bring together a community. Different elements found binders , the most common religion, ethnicity or culture.

In Catalonia 's own language and history shape our national identity. The club , as the Catalan club is, recognizes the "català" as the language of normal and preferential use in all activities of the entity. The Catalan is ancient, documented in the " Forum iudicum "and" Homilies d' Organyà ". Political circumstances have conditioned their study and promotion, or persecution and contempt. In the latter case the strength of the population has done, is doing and will enable maintenance.  
Shield see FC Barcelona and found another symbol of Catalonia : the Catalan flag ("the Catalan flag "). The top of the shield shows the flag of Barcelona, ​​with four red stripes on a yellow background and the Cross of Sant Jordi . It belongs to the heraldic shield of the Counts of Barcelona, ​​which gave way to territorial expansion Principat of Catalonia.

There is a romantic legend about the origin of the four bars. We go back to Century IX , years of Wilfred "the Hairy "(840-897), founder of the Dynasty counts of Barcelona. According to a text-century account XII ("Gesta Comitum Barcinonensium ") Count Wilfred came to the aid of the emperor and Frankish king Charles the Bald to fight the Normans who amenzaban empire. After the battle and defeated the enemy, Count mortally wounded the Emperor asked to bring a heraldic emblem on his shield, gold and no drawing. The king put his fingers into the open wound of Wilfred and fingers full of blood, passes over the shield, led to the four stripes on gold background. A version with little historical accuracy.

This blog was opened in July 2008. So today is the third "11 setembre "we share. Imagine your surprise at so many historical references and few sports commentary. It is a modest response to the Constitutional Court judgment last June, the consequent loss to the sovereignty of the people of Catalunya manifested in a legal referendum, and abuse the powers of the Parliament of Catalonia , formed by democratically elected representatives. We'll get through.
(Literal translation of the article published on September 11, 2010)

Greetings. Visca el Barça!

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